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Eero Saarinen: Advertising Through Architecture

This 60+ page publication highlights Saarinen's impressive career creating corporate campuses, city monuments, and mid-century furniture. While criticized for "styling for the job," Saarinen responded to each individual clients' needs and crafted buildings which reflected their values.

The campuses and furniture created such distinct images that they were used in the client's advertising, including the GM Technical Center, TWA Terminals, and the Gateway Arch.

The introductory essay is An Architecture of Multiplicity by Antonio Román. Each following project features a spot color which matches the primary image. Typeset in Trade Gothic. 


grid system


“Saarinen’s works are not only architectural treasures but also symbols—they capture an era of technology, of futurism, and of optimism.”

-Beau Peregoy, Architectural Digest


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