Santa Rosa Film Festival

Web Design, Identity

Santa Rosa Film Festival

A fully responsive website built for the Santa Rosa Film Festival showcasing the work of Sofia Coppola. 

Sofia Coppola’s films are known for their sense of color, symmetrical dreamscapes, and moments of stillness. She is also known herself as a style icon and brings her own fashion sense to the costuming.

The shoes on the home page hint at Coppola’s personal style and were selected from the costuming of each film.

Wireframes built in Sketch; Prototype built in Adobe XD; Responsive Site built in Webflow.

Site available at
(the mobile homepage has a few bugs)


The Identity

Each film owns a spot color selected from the film posters to allow the user to easily navigate between pages. 

The blurred identity hints at Coppola’s film photography background and was intentionally kept black and white to allow the film spot colors to pop. A blurring hover interaction is also carried throughout the site. 


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