Type/Type is an eight question quiz designed to reveal your typeface personality. 

The typefaces in the deck represent the 4 categories of sans-serifs (neo-grotesque, humanist, grotesque, geometric), 4 categories of serifs (old-style, transitional, modern, slab), and 4 displays (calligraphic script, gothic script, sans-serif display, serif display). 

The code card reveals which character corresponds to a particular question. For example, the answers for question one, "How do you typically style your hair?" were determined by the lowercase 'a' terminal of each typeface. Futura’s ‘a’ corresponds to “pin straight and long,” while Cooper Black’s ‘a’ corresponds to a “wavy messy bun”.

After answering all 8 questions, flip the cards over to discover your Type/Type! 

Printed on Agnes in the SAIC Type Shop under the guidance of Cathie Ruggie-Saunders.

Morgan Itterly is 50% Trade Gothic & 50% Clarendon.

Exhibited at the Chicago Design Museum Market in the 2018 SAIC Visual Communication Design Show, “Show Don’t Tell.”


“Show Don’t Tell” Exhibition

“Show Don’t Tell” proposal


Installation at the Chicago Design Museum Market, May 2018


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